The #GMBM Prez Debate Bingo Game

Are you tired of the all the games the politicians are playing this fall? Are you ready to play games with their games? As we jump into the final debate for the Presidential Candidates on October 19th, 2016 we want you to play along! With The Official #GoodMuslimBadMuslim Bingo Game! 

All you have to do is print out a bingo card - and play along on social media using #GoodMuslimBadMuslim.  If you win, send us a photo of your bingo board - and we'll mail you some #GoodMuslimBadMuslim stickers! Good luck!

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021 - Muslim Garb-ish

The one where Taz “reaches out” to NFL quarterbacks to convert them to social activism and Zahra makes Golden Retrievers cry. Both realize they forgot to wear their Muslim Garb. Also, Taz is single.

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Homework Links for Episode #21


We’re 21! Our podcast can dr- ...well, I guess that depends on how much of a Good Muslim or Bad Muslim you are. But, regardless, we’re old enough to say we’ve been fighting ISIS for our entire adult lives.

 Zahra's view from the 1 World Trade Center.

Zahra's view from the 1 World Trade Center.

Homework Links for Episode #20

We were at the Comedy Comedy Festival in LA chilling in the podcast lounge when we just happened to do an episode. But what else has been happening?

"All the countries I've colonized" shirt. Yikes.

 Zahra & Taz in the Podcast Lounge

Zahra & Taz in the Podcast Lounge

017 - LIVE from the White House

The one where Taz receives a Champion of Change in Art and Storytelling from the White Houseand brings Zahra with her to creep sharia, LIVE from the White House.  

Bonus: We spoke with Muslim staffers in the White House about what it's like to work in the White House and we also got a chance to interviewed fellow Champion of Change in Art and Storytelling awardees Fawzia Mirza and Kayhan Irani.

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Homework Links for Episode #17

 Recording from inside the White House - photo by Les Talusan

Recording from inside the White House - photo by Les Talusan

HOLY MOLY, they let us in to record from INSIDE the White House! Here are the links so you can follow along:

 Taz & Zahra at the White House. Photo by Les Talusan.

Taz & Zahra at the White House. Photo by Les Talusan.

BONUS: Check out this White House AAPI Heritage Month Playlist! Mishthi Music (Taz's music site) helped curate this list! 

Join us at the LIVE recording from the Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California!

We're back from our podcast recording at the White House, and returning to headquarters, aka the mosque!  Join us for a night of creeping Sharia, Awkward Ask a Muslim moments, Good Muslim awards, Fatwas and more at Oakland’s Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California (ICCNC).

Saturday, June 4 at 8pm
Doors open at 7:45pm

Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California (ICCNC)
1433 Madison Ave
Oakland, CA

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White House - Here We Come

Taz is going to the White House to accept a Champion of Change Award! Read Angry Asian Man's post on the award right here. You can stream the event live right here at 2pm EST on May 4th:  

I (this is Taz) am incredibly honored and humbled to be receiving a Champion of Change award on the theme of Art and Storytelling from the White  House Asian American and Pacific Islander Initiative. I'll be accepting the award with 9 of my peers - all who are doing amazing artivism for the community. Particularly thrilled to share the stage w/ longtime collaborator Jenny Yang, and my favorite phone banker Jason Fong. My dad and my siblings will be joining me for this week and, inshallah, I'll get to read a couple of my poems at the ceremony too! It will be the first time my dad has ever heard me recite poetry.

As someone who is really trying to figure out what the intersection is between political paradigm shifting and moving people with their hearts and minds - it feels really surprising to be seen, especially by the White House. I feel passionately about using art as a tool for change, for re-centering, for being heard, for creating safe space, for decolonizing how others see people like me. 

Listen to this #MyAAPIStory I recorded at StoryCorps at the link to the right. Be sure to record your own at! 

And THANK YOU LOYAL LISTENERS! This would never have happened without all your support in making this podcast a thing. 

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Homework Links for Episode #16

We get real intimate in this podcast about washing and body hair. Here are some links to what we talked about: 

 Zayn Malik's Album Cover

Zayn Malik's Album Cover

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Zahra Gets Heaven Points on Snap Judgement

On this week's Snap Judgement, you can hear our very own Zahra talking about heaven points, eating pork, wearing hijab and religious farts! She took the stage at the Snap Judgement LIVE Oakland show earlier this year. Take a listen! And for those of you coming to our website for through listening to Snap Judgement - thanks for stopping by! And be sure to subscribe to the #GoodMuslimBadMuslim Podcast! 

015 - GMBM x SXSW Live

The one where Taz rebels against patriarchy with subtle physical deconstruction, Zahra finally answers the question of "Where's the Rumi," and both of them get into a fierce competition with an Auntie Staredown.

Special thanks to Dropbox for inviting us to record at the South by Southwest Dropbox Podcast Studio as well as a special mashallah to Amanda Quraishi for guest judging the Auntie Stare Down.

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Homework Links for Episode #15

Zahra and I had a BLAST at South by Southwest - thanks to Dropbox for flying us out and making this experience happen! See, look at how happy we are in this cute video of all the Podcast Studio participants! You want those links to what we said? Check out what we talked about below: 

While there, Taz was also able to check out South Asian musicians for her South Asian Diaspora site Mishthi Music. Check out the posts she wrote on the musicians here: 

 On the mic.

On the mic.

 Zahra & Taz at #SXSW

Zahra & Taz at #SXSW

 The Podcast Crew.

The Podcast Crew.

#GoodMuslimBadMuslim Take On SXSW!

The ladies of #GoodMuslimBadMuslim are ready to take on the land of hooking longhorns, Whole Food, and keeping it weird! That's right, Zahra & Taz are coming to Austin, Texas to record a live episode at South By Southwest! Please come by and be a part of our live studio audience - listen to some fatwas, get creeped on with some shahria, and stay after for a little Q&A by Austin's own Amanda Quraishi!

March 15th, 1:30pm - 3:00pm

Dropbox Podcast Studio

Lustre Pearl, 94 Raine St. Austin, Texas

Facebook Event Page

There will be limited seating for this event, so be sure to get your tickets now. RSVP at this link:

Thank you to Dropbox Podcast Studio who will be hosting this event - as well as a series of podcasting shows and workshops over March 14th & March 15th - be sure to check out their entire schedule! 

Zahra & Taz Performing Near You!

Join Zahra on Feb 27th as she joins Glynn Washington and rest of the team of the awesome Snap Judgement Live! for a performance at the Paramount Theatre in Oakland, CA! Get your tickets now! 

Join Taz on Feb 25th at Los Angeles' Almost All Asian Family Reunion Storytelling Show hosted by Angry Asian Man at Echoes Under Sunset. Get your tickets here! 

Join Taz on Feb 24th as she releases her third poetry chapbook "Emdash & Ellipses" at Stories Cafe in Echo Park, Los Angeles! Can't make it the show? You can buy your copy on Amazon right here